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industrial  websites

Industrial websites

The Problem: Industrial websites are notorious for being without form or function, but Dale Bowman knew when he was starting up PMC that he wanted to stand out from the pack. PMC took over Carrol Childress Company and needed a website for the old customers of CCC to be redirected too, so other pumping services companies would not take their portion of the market. They also needed to showcase their years of experience in pump services for golf courses and more.

Our Solution: Make an interactive website for PMC with a callout for people who are “Looking for CCC?” to find them, and find out how the old company now correlates with the new. The slider of the website was set in the background. Their credentials and services are showcased on the home page. The industries they serve were added for more search engine recognition. Other industrial websites are sure to be jealous!

Additional Services: We created a logo that symbolizes the water moving from the earth through the pumping system that is faded behind their initials.Pumps, Motors and Controls logo

From Dale Bowman, owner of PMC: Big Splash Web Design is always on top of their game. Excellent work and keeps in communication throughout the project! Thanks Big Splash!

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