Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Today’s buyers have more ways than ever to research solutions and make decisions – before you even know they’re a lead. Our Inbound Marketing services help you reach buyers early and generate more inbound demand, empower sales reps to engage more strategically, and track the impact of all of your marketing programs in one place.

We track all traffic, buyer research activity, and leads from your website and social networks so you can measure the impact of all of your programs in one place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Big Splash analyzes your current website and improves your SEO results in the following ways:

  • Keyword Selection & Targeting
  • Changes to title and meta tags
  • Internal links with proper anchor text
  • Alt tag optimization of images
  • Content suggestions and optimizations
  • Site Structure & Navigation improvements

You also get page-by-page statistics including views, inbound and outbound links, Facebook shares, Likes and clicks.

Lead Generation

The whole point of SEO is to make your company more discoverable online so you can be found by prospective buyers early in their research cycle. Driving more traffic to your site is pointless if you don’t have the necessary offers, landing pages, and forms in place to convert a large part of those visitors into leads.  We work with you to plan out effective lead generation campaigns based on your ideal clients and the solutions you can offer them. Then, our in-house copy writers will draft a combination of whitepapers, market guides or tips lists, such as “5 Emerging Trends in the [blank] Industry.” along a sequence of drip email messages.

Lead Nurturing

Once the visitor has entered their email address into the Lead Capture section of the landing page, they are now entered into an automated drip email campaign, edging them slowly towards the eventual sale. Increase the impact of your email campaigns by giving your sales people a way to follow up with anyone who shows interest.  Rather than turning potential clients off with a quick hard sell, nurture your prospects with email campaigns and get detailed intelligence about what every lead does after they receive your emails – regardless of whether they actually respond.

Making Sales Easier

Help sales reach prospects and engage them early in the sales process with visitor intelligence and strategic responses.  Then alert them when their prospects visit your site. And help them prioritize whom to engage with based on their research activity on your site and social networks. To make it easier, our lead scoring software grades each lead based on the offers they have responded to and their level of activity on your website.

Tracking & Analytics

Get more of the prospects you want with full insight into what influences your buyers and the path they take to find and evaluate you during their research process. Our software tracks and stores a history of every visit for both your known contacts AND every anonymous visitor. Your sales reps can see the latest research activity on each contact record. And those anonymous visitors? We store their individual visitor history and tie it to their new lead when they get around to filling out a form on your site.

Measure the impact of your social media programs on traffic, leads, and deals. Drill into each social media campaign to understand the impact of each social network on your traffic and leads.