Comprehensive Review Management

Review Generation: Get new reviews

Generate more online reviews and get your customers’ voices heard to strengthen your business reputation — authentically and easily.

When it comes to your online business reputation, having no customer reviews is just as damaging as having negative ones. Customers increasingly rely on shared experiences to make purchasing decisions: 92% of consumers conduct research online before selecting a business. Positive online reviews and high ratings from other customers build trust and boost search engine ranking.

In-moment feedback requests enable businesses to automatically collect 100s of new reviews from their customers when sentiment is fresh, leading to more conversions, higher ratings, and more customers.

Hear from every customer

By engaging with customers in real-time at critical moments of the customer journey, you can capture feedback from all customers, even those not typically active online. By reaching out to every customer, you can amplify customer voices through positive online reviews and build a clearer picture of your overall brand perception.

Intelligent, automatic feedback collection: get new customer reviews without disrupting workflow

We can help you with the review collection process, including sending your customers a review request either during or after a service or purchase. Collect new customer reviews without lifting a finger–We deliver automated review solicitation via:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Mobile kiosks
  • Facebook
  • App deep-linking
  • Business website

Choose the method that best fits your business, and let us customize your messages to keep your brand identity consistent. Receive real-time alerts whenever customers review your business so you can respond if necessary.

Game-changing SEO: enhance online visibility with a fresh stream of customer reviews

We will prompt satisfied customers to share feedback to sites that matter to you, and promote your best reviews to Google, Facebook and Twitter. By collecting more online reviews on a variety of sites, you establish credibility to both customers and search engines. Page content is frequently refreshed in the form of customer reviews, boosting SEO of each review site customers post about your business on. Star ratings from reviews appear in rich snippets, drawing the eye to your business in search results.

Learn more about the amazing features that deliver real results! Build up your star ratings everywhere!

Our reviews system has advanced features that will allow you to build buyer confidence, credibility and trust for your products and services. Ask yourself when was the last time you opened a phonebook or made a major purchase online without reading any reviews at all. Most people NOW use the Internet and major search engines to find a local business. All the major search engines have become reviews centric and promote reviews as the #1 decision making factor when shopping online!

Collect reviews via email, tablet or smart phone!

Proactive vs Reactive! Collect REAL reviews from your best customers using multiple web devices! Choose from several pre-set designs or create your own reviews request forms.

Publish real customer reviews on major reviews websites!

Get reviews published on major review websites and improve your star ratings! You never get a second chance to make a 1st impression! When consumers search for your company online they will read reviews about you! Protect your business reputation NOW!

Target specific reviews websites! Reviews Targeting

We can help your business target specific review websites for improvement! Get reviews where you need them! Build up your star ratings with our reviews targeting system and build buyer confidence.

Reviews Alerts and notifications!

Set up review alerts & notifications. Know what people are saying about you online WHEN they are saying it! Access notifications by email or mobile device! Understanding your customer base can help improve your business!

Reviews Monitoring / Reviews Timeline

Track and monitor what people are saying about you online! Our advanced reviews monitoring system can track you star ratings, review totals, reviews locations and much more. Our Reviews Timeline will let you know when you got reviews and from what review website they originated from.

Reviews Analytics & Reviews Intelligence

Gain valuable insights with our POWERFUL reviews analytics and reviews intelligence dashboard! See all reviews collected by zip code in any local area and in the WORLD! You can learn a lot about your customers and their needs. Building better relationships with your customers is ESSENTIAL.

Reviews marketing and reviews promotion!

Marketing your best customer reviews is the same as marketing your business ONLY better! Using reviews on your website pages can help improve your TRUST FACTOR, SALES and LEADS! Promote and market your customer reviews and get more NEW customers.

Verified Reviews permissions

You can lock your review submission forms! If they are NOT a customer officially on your whitelist, the reviews submitted are filtered, flagged and recorded! CATCH competitors trying to write bad reviews!