Content Writing Services

As we’ve been building websites over the years, one thing we hear from clients over and over again is that they struggle to write their website content. They know their business inside and out and can talk for hours about their best clients, target market and services but they tend to freeze up when it comes time to put their words on paper (or screen). Whether it’s writer’s block or simply the bad memories of writing essays in school, we see it happen quite frequently.

Professional Content WritingTo assist our clients with this, Big Splash is proud to offer professional content writing services. Let us take this often daunting task off your plate. Our content writer will ask you a series of questions about your business and clients, asking about your services, target market, competition and more. Then, we take your answers and combine it with research into your industry and your competitors as well as our keyword analysis and write your website content for you. You of course will get to proof-read it and suggest edits before we go live with it.

Having Big Splash write your content for you not only saves you hours of struggling to write your content, it also speeds up the entire web design project since the biggest reason for delay of a new website is the content taking longer than expected for the client to write. Professional content writing also ensures that your site’s content is professionally written to increase your search engine presence and to convert more visitors into clients.

Optimizing your new content for SEO including meta-tags and page titles in also included in our content writing service, meaning your new website content can hit the ground running in the all important competition for search engine rankings and increased traffic. When paired with our monthly SEO marketing services, your website traffic, rankings and most importantly, conversions can’t help but increase.