Social Media Marketing

Social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, are powerful marketing avenues that are available at little or no cost.

Making the best use of these outlets, though, can be time-consuming for business owners and marketing departments already wearing a lot of other hats.

Big Splash Marketing can keep your presence on these outlets alive and well. We can keep your Facebook wall updated, tweet your Tweets on Twitter, and even blog about your business. We can create and manage Facebook Ads, as well as promotional Landing Pages, giving you some creative new tools to keep your business standing out in the crowd.

Social Media Setup

If you recognize the value of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter (X), Instagram, and LinkedIn, but aren’t yet social-media savvy, we can do the setup for you, so you look like a pro.

Social Media Posts & Maintenance

Your marketing success with social media is directly related to your activity — regular Facebook and Twitter posts keep your content fresh, and also keep you visible to your clients and target market. If your to-do list is too full to fit in social media, Big Splash can manage your social media content for you.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a vital tool in modern digital marketing, seamlessly appearing in users’ feeds and offering precise audience targeting. They help businesses promote products, engage users, and track performance for improved brand visibility and lead generation.