Press Releases & Article Marketing

Press Releases

In our current Internet age, businesses and organizations aren’t as dependent on traditional media as they once were. However, many of our traditional practices can still be effective tools for promoting business and activity.

Press releases are one example. In the past, press releases would be distributed to local newspapers, radio and TV stations, with the hope of being noticed and “picked up” by an editor or producer. That’s now all changed. While a good press release is still not guaranteed to get you on the evening news, it can still play a key role in keeping your business active on the internet.

Big Splash Marketing has the capability to take your press release — or, we’ll write one for you — and distribute it out to more than 150 sites across the Internet. That’s more than 150 new places for visitors to see your announcements as well as Google “crawlers” to find your name, your website, your event or your promotion.

Article Marketing

Content, Content, Content — it’s the internet equivalent of Location, Location, Location.

While your brick-and-mortar business is dependent on a good location to be found, your internet presence depends on good content. If you’ve done much research, or if you’ve even simply browsed this site thoroughly, you know this means regular site updates, Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, and an email newsletter at least once a month.

For many business owners, that’s more content than they care to manage. Article Marketing can ease that burden.

Big Splash Marketing has access to articles covering a wide variety of topics, from Automotives to Zoos, and anything in between. So, if you need quality content to keep your site, emails or social media active, Big Splash can provide well-written, informative articles that are ready to publish, saving you valuable time.