Sav-On Mattress Outlet – Custom eCommerce Website

eCommerce website

eCommerce Website

The Problem:

Sav-On came to us with many concerns and problems with their eCommerce website. They were using a yellowbook site that was basically a template that limited the amount of listings they could show, restricted the ability to update and make changes, and did not allow to make any sales on the site. She wanted to have an updated custom eCommerce website that would allow her these opportunities while presenting her products in a professional manner that would attract the right audience. She wanted to be able to quickly add new products, quickly remove out of stock items, take payments and set shipping dates, and organize her products in a logical way. The owner was beyond frustrated with her current site and needed something much more simple and understandable to use as well.

The Solution:

Because of the large amount of products, we created a custom eCommerce website for Sav-On that is easy to maintain, update, and edit without having to spend hours doing so. We also created a new and more sophisticated site design that includes a new “super heading” navigation that helps to categorize their products in a more organized manner, making it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for on the site.  We also were able to sit down and train the owner on how to effectively use the site and add new products as they arrive to the store for sales. Because we all know that having a site is useless if you don’t know how to use it.

Other Services: We also added a load of additional options such as a chat feature, a store locator, and additional call-outs for their many specials, coupons, and discounts to be advertised properly. These options help set Sav-On apart from other merchant sites and allows the company to showcase their many different products in an attractive way.

We also have a successful SEO (search engine optimization) program for them, to bring their rankings for mattress sales in Houston TX way up and get more sales!

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