Is It Time For Rebranding? – Check These 5 Signs and Find Out

To rebrand or not to rebrand?  This is a question that so many established businesses frequently quarrel over.  Many believe that rebranding isn’t a good idea because it could affect your brand awareness since everything from your logo to your business image is changed in the rebranding process.   At Big Splash we believe that rebranding every so often can sometimes be good for your business for the following reasons;

  • Rebranding can be good for a fresh and new overall look
  • Rebranding to a simpler and bolder logo and business image can actually improve branding when customers can recognize your business a lot quicker.
  • A more appealing and target audience based look can be great for boosting sales.
  • Rebranding generates the opportunity to create an image that looks much better on all platforms and items like stationery, clothing and much more.
  • Simplified branding can help your business save a lot of money in terms of ink and advertising.
  • Rebranding can be terrific for modernizing your business so you can stay competitive and engaging.
  • It gives everyone in the company and outside the company something exciting to look forward to.
  • Modern branding enable you to market your brand much easier since these files are compatible with more apps. Business owners can do their own posters, flyers, adverts and much more if their logo and basic information is in the correct format.

5 Signs That It Is Time for Rebranding

With all these terrific benefits you might feel quite enthusiastic about rebranding your business but is it the right time?  Check out these 5 signs and find out:

  1. Time to shake an old image
    Times change, people change and trends change.  If your company image just isn’t popular and trendy any more, than it might be time for a new and fresh look.
  2. When your company got slammed
    Accidents happen all the time and social media has a way of booming everything way out of proportion.  If your company got slammed due to an unsatisfied customer or an employee that did harm to your business then rebranding can save your company by creating a fresh and new image to represent a fresh new start.
  3. Outgrew your old mission?
    It is good if your company developed and grew a lot over the past few years but this might mean that your present brand might not be suitable anymore and could just result in the loss of sales when customers mistake your services.
  4. It’s been a while
    Didn’t do any branding changes in the past five years? A new look can be good for overall efficiency because modern websites function a lot quicker, is compatible with all devices and modern design trends makes it much easier for customers to spot your specific company.
  5. Evolving markets
    The markets are constantly evolving and businesses need to stay trendy to stay ahead of competitors.  If all your competitors are boasting with a modern and much more appealing look then perhaps it is time for you to change your look to get back into action.

Rebranding can be a good thing but with that said you should also be careful when choosing your designer so your new and fresh look will match modern trends, your business vibe, products and will be efficient for the next decade.

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