Don’t Discount Using Coupons to Attract Business

A recent article on Dex Business looked at why it is beneficial for a business to offer coupons to their potential customers.

1) Coupons are a hot commodity in today’s economy. In fact, a new study shows that 72% of consumers are using more coupons than they did just six months ago.

2) Thanks to the recession, coupon redemption grew by 27% in 20092 as consumers reviewed their finances and adopted a new, more frugal approach to shopping. Now 89% of people surveyed said they use coupons when shopping.

3) Retailers across the spectrum from Target® to Neiman Marcus® are using coupons to lure in prospective consumers. Even Yahoo® Inc. reported the term “coupons” ranked first on its list of economy-related searches last year. And with the economy slow to recover, the power of the mighty little coupon doesn’t look to be weakening anytime soon.

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