10 Amazing Web Design Trends For a Modern Vibe

It is important to constantly freshen up the general look and design of your website for three very big reasons:

  • Firstly; Google loves new things and they rate websites according to their content. The fresher your content is, the more you boost your SEO rankings.
  • Secondly; using new and modern trends on your website is a terrific way to keep your business modern and interesting and to constantly give your audience something new to see.
  • And thirdly; many of the most popular website trends are popular because these methods makes the entire buying process much easier for clients.


Now that you know just how important it is to stay ahead of trends, you are probably wondering what the latest web design trends are, right?  Well, wait no longer because here are the top 10 web design trends that you can definitely consider to give your site a mini makeover;

  1. Minimalistic Web Designing

This latest web design trend proves that less is more.  Millions of businesses promote online and over 2 billion people are actively sharing content on their social media sites each and every month.  That is a lot of information flying around! Many businesses have decided to use the cluttering of digital content to their advantage by decluttering.  Minimalistic web design involves only putting essential information on your site so everything seems more organized and so visitors can navigate easier.

  1. Cinemagraphs

People are visual creatures and that is exactly why cinemagraphs is one of the most popular website trends.  A cinemagraph is basically a video or GIF that runs in a loop on your site.  Cinemagraphs are fantastic for explaining procedures, steps or even for advertising products.

  1. Infographics

An Infographic is basically a chart that makes it easy to understand difficult content, processes or ideas.  Infographics is not just great for websites but can also be shared on different platforms, sites and networks.

  1. Gifs And Animations

A few years ago everyone was advising against these two elements – mostly because data usage was always an issue for internet users.  Data is now more affordable than ever before and more internet users prefer animated content because it makes everything much easier to understand.  The key is to do them tastefully without making them obnoxious.

  1. Open Composition Websites

If you are using a boxed web frame then it is definitely time for an upgrade.  Open composition websites are much better looking because it gives your website a bigger or wider look.

  1. Videos With Sound

Thanks to faster internet speeds everyone seems to prefer viewing videos online.  Videos are great for explaining content and for promotional purposes.

  1. Neutral Colors

Using neutral colors on most parts of your site gives you one huge advantage and that is to highlight certain content or promotions on your site with bold colors.

  1. Customized Typography

Custom created typography and especially big bold lettering seems to be the in thing right now because it gives a site a much more unique feel.  It also emphasizes creativity and freedom.

  1. Using All Capitals

Using all caps in  certain place like navigation and callouts can give a site a much more symmetrical look and can make it much easier for internet users to navigate your site.

  1. Engagement Space

More and more websites are starting to add space for engagement so clients can give feedback or rate services and products.  This helps businesses create a much more credible and authentic feel.


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