Website Rescue Squad

We literally made a Big Splash at the Clear Lake Chamber Business Expo 2012 held at Gloria Dei Lutheran church last month with our Website Rescue Squad campaign!


The campaign was initially created for the full page ad we are running in the Bay Area Houston Magazine (we just redesigned their website, go check it out).

Our Full Page ad in the June 2012 issue of Bay Area Houston Magazine

One of our biggest mottos is “branding first”, so to keep with the theme of the ad, and to have something fun for our visitors to do, we brought in Big Splash 1!

Big Splash 1 became the mascot of our booth; visitors got to drive our trusty aquatic vessel and gave us an opportunity to start a conversation with them.

We were also involved with the “QR Code Scavenger Hunt“- expo visitors with QR code scanners on their mobile devices were able to participate by hunting for 7 booths that displayed the QR codes associated with the hunt. When they scanned the code it sent them to a mobile website. We created a mobile website specifically for the campaign, which can be viewed HERE 

We also created a before/after video that showcased a few of our redesigned websites that was playing in our booth. View the video here:


So the question remains…


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