Troubles with Google Rankings?

Google RankingsA change is happening! The only problem is that with Google, a change is always happening. Google has recently made some updates that have many sites finding themselves missing their coveted top page rankings. As we all know, it is nearly impossible to keep up with Google’s exact algorithms or to guarantee the #1 ranking without paying for it. Many SEO experts have come as close as possible to mastering the art of remaining one of the top sites for their keywords; however, Google has recently sent yet another shock through the SEO world.

Because of this most recent update, some sites have seen some dramatic boosts to their rankings while many others suffered drastically. Either way, these new rankings have not been holding steady. Apparently Google made a change that caused these crazy and unexpected results and, once realized, has begun to implement additional changes to help things get back to the steady result stream we are more accustomed to seeing.

Trouble with Google RankingsThe buzz around the SEO communities is that these results will eventually smooth out; however, some sites may land in a different position than they started from or than they expect to be found. If you are finding yourself lost amongst the new crowd of your competitors, contact us and we will be happy to review your website’s performance and discuss ways to improve your rankings.

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