The Question Is Not WHY You Need It – Facebook Isn’t Asking!

Facebook is changing, is your fan page out of date?The Facebook Timeline became mandatory on March 30th, 2012 and Facebook members will have their profile and fan pages forcibly updated to an ambitious new layout that Facebook calls Timeline.

  • If you create a new page, the layout of the page WILL be the new Timeline layout.
  • If you have an existing fan page, it will “disappear” from view when Facebook forcibly updates your page.
  • See the Timeline change as an opportunity to promote your brand, product or service in a more creative manner.
  • Do nothing and you are essentially sidelined until you decide to comply.
  • Make use of the new style canvas page and publish a full 810 px wide fan page.

Keep Pace With Facebook — We Will Help You Along The Way

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Optimize your mandatory Timeline page with all the new page features.
  • Re-publish and modify any existing fan page.
  • Build you a new fan page using a professionally designed theme.
  • You will be “ready to go” in a few days.

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