Quick stats: Why you should do email marketing

If you have a need for marketing, you likely hear quite often that email marketing is the top-performing direct marketing channel, or that it’s the most popular marketing channel. Of course, that’s been the buzz for years now, so you may be thinking “Sure, it was two years ago – but a lot’s changed since then…”

So here are some the latest stats on email marketing usage. (Most of these come from Mark Brownlow, an independent email marketing expert; others from a range of international marketing organizations.)

• According to the Radicati Group, a technical market research company (Email Statistics Report 2010 – 2014), there are over 2.9 billion active email accounts internationally – this figure is predicted to reach over 3.8 billion by 2014.

• Email makes more revenue than any other direct marketing channel. The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) determined that email marketing generated $42.08 for every dollar spent on it during 2010.

• During the second half of 2010 the DMA also found that email was the most popular online marketing tool amongst US and Canadian marketers.

• The Society of Digital Agencies conducted a 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook Survey. According to the results, 70% of marketers planned on investing in email marketing.

• Research by Merkle indicates that 74% of online adults prefer email for commercial communication.


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