Majorca Bistro and Tapas- restaurant website design

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Restaurant website design

The Problem: As their restaurant grew, owners Ali Bendella and Hicham Nafaa wanted a website that better reflected the ambiance of Majorca Bistro, which they had worked hard to create. Their existing site was flash-based, which limited search engine visibility. Weak design, content and visual elements were also drawbacks, not only aesthetically, but also hindered search engine visibility.


Our Solution: We created a new, custom site with strong visual appeal that better reflected the ambiance of Majorca, including additional images of the restaurant itself. Stronger, and better organized, content was incorporated, along with a search engine-friendly dining menu. The new site includes a content management system, making updates quick and easy for the owners. A complementary mobile site was also created, along with a custom newsletter template.

Additional Services: Mobile website

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