024 Grille Restaurant- responsive website design

responsive website designResponsive website design

The Problem:

As a new restaurant under the Westin Hotel umbrella, 024 Grille came to us looking for a modern and clean restaurant website design that showcased their menu and private dining areas. They also wanted to be able to highlight photos of their plates as well as the location and decor of the restaurant. They wanted it to be classy and up-scale to portray the environment of the restaurant.  They needed a site that could be built on a limited advertising budget as they begin to grow in the Houston area without it being cheaply designed or not up to par.

The Solution:

We created a “semi custom” restaurant website design for 024 Grille. This involved using a template but making custom changes by incorporating their Open Table widgets, a custom form for private dining, and a beautiful menu. The site is a beautiful reflection of the clean and orderly environment of the restaurant and allows the user to feel relaxed while navigating through the menus or checking out the photos of the location and the food. The site is set up in an organized fashion making it easy to update, easy to navigate and pleasant to explore. It allows the reader to easily find the menu or other areas of the site they are looking for when visiting and reduces the bounce rate at which visitors leave the site after entering it. This is a fully responsive mobile site meaning that it is easily viewed on all screen sizes and will adjust depending on what screen it is open on.


restaurant responsive website Responsive, mobile view of 024 Grille

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