Emergicare- medical website design

medical website design

Medical website design

The Problem: Clear Lake ER changed its name to Emergi-care and needed a complete re-branding and image overhaul. Even though they were more qualified than the average urgent care, with all of the services and credentials of an ER, all mentions of “emergency” and “ER” needed to be removed due to changing state regulations.

Our Solution: Change the website to showcase Emergi-care in a way that is consistent with their new brand and logo. Simplify their message to make the average user easily understand their purpose and how they are different from a normal Urgent care or Emergency Room.

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Additional Services: We have a very successful SEO (search engine optimization) program for them. We created a responsive Mobile website that syncs with all the keyword landing pages, articles, and press releases we are creating for them. We also created a custom facebook page that was also sent out via email flyer to their patients to announce their re-branding.

medical email flyer Emergicare re-branding email flyer



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