Houston’s Pressure Washing- cleaning website

cleaning website

Cleaning website

The Problem:

Houston’s Pressure Washing came to us with a cleaning website that was of low quality, unorganized, and they felt that they had been over-charged for building. The company is an umbrella company for a residential pressure washing company- The Magic Wand and its commercial counterpart- Northstar. Their site did not differentiate between the two companies or allow the reader to understand what they were looking for or where to find it. They wanted to create a site that had a uniform feel but could easily be navigated by the user to find the information they needed right away. They also wanted to display their services in a gallery form so that the reader could see the end result of their work and feel comfortable hiring them for the job. The owners did not want anything that was too difficult to update or that takes up too much of their time to maintain as they are very busy and growing more-so with each passing week.

The Solution:

We created a fully custom pressure washing/cleaning website design that was built specifically to meet the needs of this growing company. The site was created with one uniform branding while separating the two branches in a way that makes it obvious to the reader where they should look for their needed services or information. The site is vibrant in color and unique in design which sets it apart from the competition. The call-outs on the home page show that there are two directions to head on the site: Residential or Commercial. Once the user chooses which direction they would like to go, the site then gives them the information that is most useful for them. This allows for a smoother search through the site which translates into better leads for the company. The photo gallery is also separated into residential and commercial sections and can easily be updated by the owner of the site with a quick upload of information and/or photos. This allows him to keep the site well maintained and updated without having schedule time during his busy days to do so.

Other Services: We also provide monthly SEO (search engine optimization) for Houston’s Pressure Washing, to successfully bring them in higher in the search engines for their services in the areas they are targeting.

From Gene Beck, co-owner of Houston’s Pressure Washing: I highly recommend the team at Big Splash. They are highly qualified and responsive to our needs. We are in a bid for a new project that will bring in about 300 new properties and one of the things they said is that even though we don’t have a storefront location, our online presence is keeping us at the top of the list. This week alone we’ve received 2 commercial leads and 5 residential leads from our website. They love our site and we just wanted you guys to know that you did an amazing job. Thank you so much for all of your help!


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