New Online Visibility Report

Our new Online Visibility Report is a resource for owners of small and medium-sized businesses (plumbers, dentists, florists, etc.) who are interested in understanding and improving their visibility to potential customers who search online for products or services.

Online visibility is determined by factors that constantly fluctuate, and the visibility calcuation is  based on mapping how a business appears on millions of web pages on leading search engines, yellow pages directories and local search sites.

Calculating a business’s online visibility is not an exact science, but is a complicated process based on a wide range of parameters, which include:
• A business listing’s ranking on search engines, Internet yellow pages, local search sites, etc.
• The association of a business with the relevant keywords and categories that best describe it
• The consistency of business data (in particular, the contact details) across different sites
• Links and citations to the business, including reviews
• The availability and quality of the business website
• Advertising and promotion of the business online

……and much more.

Since visibility is relative, the analysis also takes into account the business’s online presence compared to that of its competitors. More than 100 million web pages are processed a month, which allows for a unique, comprehensive, and deep understanding of local businesses and its online visibility across many source sites.

Each report is based on a business phone number (a unique identifier to distinguish between businesses with the same name), so an accurate phone listing is necessary in order to generate a report for a business.


To get your FREE Online Visibility Report, go to and fill out the simple form. You’ll receive your unique report, and we promise that we won’t be hounding you with sales pitches day and night.

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