Blog Setup & Maintenance

Do you blog? The good news is, blogging provides one more avenue to get your voice heard, and your business found. The bad news is, there’s more to write, and more to do. As with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, for your blog to be effective, it needs to be active.

Big Splash Marketing can help you with any and all steps involved in setting up an effective blog. Whether you just need us to get you rolling, or handle the whole thing for you, we can help. We can also work with you to show you ways to make the best use of your blog, such as connecting your blog posts to your newsletter and social media.

Benefits of a Blog

  • Frequent content updates for search engines
  • Place to address specific items that don’t fit on the regular website
  • Can quickly respond to industry and company changes
  • Gives website visitors a reason to come back to your site
  • Less formal than the regular website