Lincoln Homes

Lincoln Homes

I would like to see our website linked to a blog, a vlog, a Facebook page, Twitter, etc....completely and totally interactive is what I would like to's consumer has a voice and I want to hear it!!! ;)

Lincoln Homes

When our website was designed, social media, blogging and the like was not at the forefront of marketing as it is today. I would love to have a website that is more interactive with where today’s consumer is going. My husband has a vision of where he would like to go with our company (aging-in-place housing unlike what is being done currently, a strong remodeling arm, etc.) and I do not feel that it is represented in what you see currently.

12 Responses to Lincoln Homes

  1. PaperScraps says:

    Hope you win!!

  2. stacey valeenkeller says:

    They totally deserve it!!!! 🙂

  3. barbara says:

    We voted!
    ~ Barbara Markland

  4. Mrs.Gray says:

    You are a company I would recommend to anyone. I hope you win!

  5. ginawina316 says:

    You got my vote! Can’t wait to see a big “Winner” posting for Lincoln Homes!

  6. ninahowell says:

    Let’s get this going!!

  7. pcakes says:

    Let’s do this!!! Lincoln Homes deserves a WIN!!!

  8. wassupmrdan2 says:

    Definitely voting for Lincoln Homes!!!

  9. acts2024 says:

    Love Lincoln Homes!!!

  10. Would love to see Lincoln Homes win too!

  11. toddpool says:

    Lincoln Homes rocks!

  12. ellenpool says:

    Would love to see Lincoln Homes win!!