Google Launches Realtime Search Page and New Tools

Search engines have been working at a rapid pace to improve their systems to handle and deliver results from social networks in real time. Today, the realtime search industry got a lot hotter. Google today unveiled a new experimental feature that delivers search results on a keyword in real time. Google’s real-time search feature is currently in the process of being rolled out to everyone. The greater Web world, including consumers, might not yet be aware of this search revolution but marketers and Web business need to take notice — now. Visit to give it a try and learn how it can help your business.

Google Realtime Search Example for Big Splash Web Design

So How Does Google’s Real-Time Search Actually Work?

Upon entering a search query, Realtime Search pulls in updates in real time, as fast as the user on the other end clicks a button. Currently, Twitter posts are being indexed but Google says it will be including updates from Facebook, Buzz, blogs and, inevitably, updates from Google’s own rumored social network.

Realtime Google Research & Alerts – As a business owner or manager, you have better things to do with your time than sitting in front of your computer all day watching streaming results. Well, Google has that covered too. Simple sign up for Google Alerts for the keywords of your choice and choose “Updates” under the “Type” drop-down menu. You can then choose to receive a daily or weekly e-mail that includes Realtime results for your selected searches. Though Google Alerts are not new, with the current launch of real-time search, Google has made Google Alerts a realtime feature.

Look for Local Opportunities – Using real-time search, users can limit real-time updates to a specific location near them or a location they select. Want to know what is the hottest topic in your city right now? Then set your location in Google realtime search. This allows say local restaurants to gauge the current trends of local diners, for instance.

History Conversation Viewing – Want to dig into the past? By using the timeline at the top of the realtime page, you can scroll to a certain period of time and look at the updates and conversations for specific data and times using Google’s realtime search. If a particular update is in response to a previous conversation, you will see “Full Conversation” at the end of the result. Click that and you will see the entire thread of the conversation, however far back it goes. This is an excellent way to follow the progression of tastes and trends and hopefully, find more than one prime target for your product, content or service.

Top Links – To the right of the streaming updates are “Top links”. These are more traditional search results but very recent. Expect this section to grow over time. It’s still unclear the criteria for these results, but it’s a good bet that if there in “Top Links”, they have been discussed on the realtime Web somewhere along the way.

To learn about some of the other important features and functions of Google’s realtime search, check out this quick video from Google.

Business Marketing

With the launch of realtime search, Google has reinforced the importance of social media for marketing. Businesses using social media will have a clear advantage in getting found online because of their automatic inclusion in realtime search results. Marketers now have a new tool to monitor online conversations about their business and understand which marketing events directly caused an increase in word-of-mouth buzz during a given time. Google realtime search is a huge boost for marketers not only in monitoring but also in demonstrating the value of social media to their business. Google’s Realtime Search is looking like a true search revolution. And, it’s only getting started. For marketers and website owners, this is a critical research tool. It also points to the importance of your participation in the social media environment.

How will you use Realtime Search for your business or will you even use it? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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