Facebook Timeline Changeover Rescue Services

Facebook Timeline Changeover Rescue Services

We offer a comprehensive service that enables you to have the Timeline changes implemented quickly and effortlessly while maximizing your ability to promote your brand, product or service.


This is what we can do for you and your company:


Your Facebook Profile.

  1. Create and insert new cover photo of the required size (850 x 315 pixels).
  2. Create and insert new profile picture (180 x 180 pixels, scalable to 32 x 32 pixels).
  3. Give you detailed instruction on how to configure and best utilize all the new page features:
    1. The Timeline display (what to show and in which sequence).
    2. The ability to now segment friends and fans into different categories which, in turn, determines “who can see what” on you Timeline display.
    3. The new facility to create “Events” which are shown more prominently on the Timeline display.
    4. The new interface for displaying photos, videos and Facebook applications.
    5. The features available on the new Control Panel.


Your Custom Page or Pages (fan pages)

We supply a range of services to suit your current requirements:

  1. We ensure that any existing fan page does not disappear from view (it must be reconfigured).
  2. We can build a new Timeline page to promote your brand, product or service. This new mandatory page has all the same features as your Profile page and becomes the default landing page for your fan page. We guide you on how you can best utilize all the new page features.
  3. We can build a custom fan page which can now be a full size webpage 810 pixels in width.
    1. We provide a wide selection of ready-made templates which include placeholders for video and custom made images.
    2. We can build a page in accordance with your specifications using standard HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    3. We set up the Facebook application which loads your fanpage onto the Facebook canvas page.
    4. We create attractive images for the Custom Tabs that link your Timeline page to the fan page/s.
    5. We assist you to acquire a Facebook User Name for your fan page.

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