Bulk email marketing: Yahoo changes their take on the From Address

If you run a business and you own your own domain name, chances are you send email marketing emails and automated mailings from more than one email address under that domain.


Say you run a B&B with its website, www.sweetdreams.com. You probably have a few email addresses linked to that domain, like [email protected] for general and press enquiries and sending your email newsletters, [email protected] for, well, bookings, and [email protected] for payments and invoices.

In the past Yahoo would monitor three aspects when evaluating a sender’s reputation. They’ve always monitored the sender’s domain name and IP address for inbox deliverability, but as of December they also monitor the from address. What this means is that each of the email addresses you use under your domain name will now be monitored for their own reputation. It’s resulted in many senders (who’ve had whitelist status for years) seeing their emails sent from certain addresses landing in the bulk folder.

Now there’s no need for mass panic, but senders who recently changed their from address and haven’t built up a reputation for that from address yet, could experience some deliverability issues. The same goes for senders that use multiple from addresses – if any one of those addresses have a bad reputation it will affect the deliverability of emails sent from that address.

Bottom line?

Be careful what you send! Your reputation is key in getting your emails delivered to Yahoo subscribers. However, with Yahoo no longer just looking at the general reputation of the sender, but actually considering your own email address too, you’d best steer clear of spamming and protect your own reputation too. It’s the best way to ensure your emails make it to the inbox.

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