Bay Area Habitat

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity

Most importantly we want our website to showcase our family stories and special advocacy events in an interactive and attractive way. We have so much going on around here, we need you to help us clean up the mess, then showcase the rest!

Bay Area Habitat for Humanity

We are a small (but rapidly growing) non-profit and our website is our primary advocacy and marketing agent. Often times our webpage is the first impression many donors and volunteers have of our organization. It is embarrassing! Our website is disorganized, confusing and lacks the capacity to fully tell our story. While we make “Extreme Home Makeover: Habitat Edition” dreams come true every day, we are begging for you to make our “Extreme Makeover: Website Edition” dream come true!

23 Responses to Bay Area Habitat

  1. Donna Lancon says:

    Good Luck to the Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Team on winning the website makeover! God Bless. Donna Lancon

  2. ruthie williams says:

    God bless you all !

  3. valerieamatt says:

    I voted

  4. deboraharrona says:

    Hooray for BAHFH!!! 🙂

  5. hannah.ward says:

    You guys better win.

  6. tracidillard says:

    I voted for you because your website WAS embarrassing!!! You deserve it!!!

  7. egreenery says:

    I voted!

  8. chinhnguyen says:

    I voted!!!!

  9. Ann Zimmerman says:

    I hope that we can win this and update our website.

  10. amandaterry says:

    Good Luck Miss Natalie!!! Luv Ya and Merry Christmas!!!!!

  11. CarlS says:

    Always a good idea to have an effective public presence. Good luck with the upgrade.

  12. nanette e.jay says:

    Good luck!

  13. Frederick Garza says:

    Good Luck!

  14. Fred Himes says:

    Great idea . Need to place emphasis on keeping the photo file current.

  15. marissabeatty says:

    They get my vote!

  16. jenniferainsworth says:

    Go Bay Area Habitat! I love you guys!

  17. mitchrjohnson says:

    Habitat has such a great purpose!

  18. jleelowry says:

    Good Luck! You guys deserve it!

  19. edandruth says:

    There is a great need! Best of luck. Keep up the good work!

  20. Alan Krause says:

    Go BAHFH !